108 LOTS

The original and approved master plan and lot layout is shown below, along with a list of the lots. The building permit has expired but can be easily renewed for a low cost.

Below that, you’ll find a Financial Overview of the development project, plus a link to download a 4 year cash flow for the project.


Financial Overview - 108 LOTS

We propose that you sell each lot for US$33.54/sqm whereas other estates in Panama are selling lots for US$50sqm. This way you’ll undercut any competitors, or provide yourself with greater profitability should you normalize your selling price.

All other assumptions have been researched and specified as per expected prices in Panama.

High-end house building prices in Panama are around US$1200/sqm, and the building cost has been assumed at 65% of that.

A 10% Contingency and 10% Project Management fee have also been included.

The cash flow below assumes 12 building teams on site with a 3 month build time per house which is achievable using light-weight steel frame houses (there is a supplier in Panama and we can connect you with suitable builders).

When some of the larger houses are built, the overall number of houses being built simultaneously is reduced in order to assign multiple teams to larger houses.

On top of the initial land purchase price of US$5.95 million, an additional US$1 million is required for OpEx, and the cash flow shows breakeven after 12 months.


Lot Price Range: 

$33,540 – $301,860

House Prices: 

$228,000; $270,000; $360,000; $480,000; $600,000