660 LOTS

This forecast is developed specifically with the Retirement Market in mind. The original and approved master plan and lot layout is not optimal for a residential housing estate and could be re-sub-divided for better investment value. This forecast assumes an average lot size of 500sqm, with houses ranging in size from 190sqm to 300sqm.

We propose that you sell each lot for US$33.54/sqm whereas other estates in Panama are selling lots for US$50sqm. This way you’ll undercut any competitors, or provide yourself with greater profitability should you normalize your selling price.

All other assumptions have been researched and specified as per expected prices in Panama.

High-end house building prices in Panama are around US$1200/sqm, and the building cost has been assumed at 65% of that.

A 10% Contingency and 10% Project Management fee have also been included.


Lot Prices: 


House Prices: 

$228,000; $270,000; $360,000